Conference topics include,
but are not limited to:

  • Aerodynamics, Atmospheric Science, Computational Fluid Dynamics,
  • Experimental Fluid Mechanics,
  • Flow Machinery,
  • General Fluid Dynamics,
  • Hydromechanics,
  • Interdisciplinary Areas in Heat and Fluid Flow,
  • Measurement Techniques,
  • Micro-, Nano- and Bio-flows,
  • Multi-phase Flows,
  • Reaction and Combustion,
  • Turbulence.

XXII fluid mechanics conference

The XXII Fluid Mechanics Conference (KKMP2016) will be held at WODNIK Hotel in Słok near Bełchatów city in Poland on 11-14 September 2016. WODNIK Hotel is located under the artificial lake near the largest Polish power plant for lignite – PGE GiEK S.A. Bełchatów Power Plant.

During the Conference, there will take place Prof. Janusz W. Elsner Competition for the best scientific work in fluid mechanics organized under the auspices of PTMTiS (Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics) and Polish Pilot Centre of ERCOFTAC.
Details of the competiotion in EN and PL.

List of participants and submitted abstracts

Detailed program of the Conferencewith the plan of the Wodnik hotel ground floor

Book of abstracts including all abstracts, program and other important information about XXII FMC is available in Files folder

The group photo of the XXII FMC participants is available in Files folder

The articles, published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series vol. 760/2016, are available in pdf version under